Corinne Perkins Ross

Ms. Perkins co-founded Westview Insurance Services, Inc. and is a Managing Principal of Westview Financial Group.

Ms. Perkins began her career on Wall Street as a Vice President at AllianceBernstein in 2002, where she was a co-portfolio manager and buy-side equity research analyst for the Mid Cap and Multi Cap Growth teams, managing approximately six billion ($6,000,000,000) in combined assets. Ms. Perkins was also responsible for conducting all equity research in the health care and consumer sectors of the portfolio, representing approximately thirty to thirty-five percent (30-35%) of the portfolio’s total value at any given time.

Ms. Perkins’ duties as an equity research analyst also included meeting with the executive management of current and potential companies in the portfolio, conducting intensive analysis of company’s financial statements and annual reports for the purpose of making investment decisions, and working with other analysts at Alliance in developing comprehensive analyses of the competitive landscape in specific industries.

Ms. Perkins’ diverse background in the financial world lends itself well in her ability to advise her clients in today’s ever evolving marketplace. Her precision to detail, extensive analytical expertise, and personable style all combine to create an advisor her clients respect and trust. Her experience, dedication to professionalism, and emphasis on exceptional quality provides clients with a superior product and experience.

Ms. Perkins received her Bachelor’s degree in Analytical Finance and her Master’s Degree in Accountancy from Wake Forest University. She now resides in La Jolla, California.