Jordan Monroe

Mrs. Monroe received a Division 1 Basketball Scholarship at the University of Portland. She holds a BAS in English and minored in Philosophy. In 2008 she began her carrier in the Natural Products industry with a Seattle based bio-tech company, Univera. Educating, coaching and leading her sales team, she was the youngest Top Associate at that company within her first year. Alongside this career path, Mrs. Monroe has always been involved with her families Surety Bonding business, and currently runs the family business in Edmonds, WA. Understanding and being licensed in many insurance fields make Mrs. Monroe a wealth of knowledge and a phenomenal resource for helping people create the freedom they are looking for. One of her main objectives, and the key to her success is in building strong trustworthy relationships with her clients. She feels honesty, transparency, and education, are the foundation to making informed decisions that can transform someones life. Working with the Perkins family and understanding the value Westview brings to its clients, Jordan is beyond excited to walk her clients hand and hand through a process of understanding that cannot only change their lives, but truly alter the financial security and abundance for generations. This is a legacy she is proud to be apart of for decades to come.