Since inception in 2007, Westview has successfully invested approximately $11 million of equity capital and realized investments totaling over $23 million.


Senior Home Purchase Program (SHPP)

Single-Family   ·   San Diego County, CA



Currently, homeowners have two viable options to sell their home:

1) Through a traditional sales process using a real estate agent, OR

2) Indirectly to an anonymous and unreliable flipper.

As anyone who has sold a home can attest, the process can be time-consuming, stressful and costly. Some homeowners have the time, energy and capacity to take on this process. For those who do not have this luxury, their only option is to negotiate with a flipper. A subsection of the market who particularly feels the pain of this problem is the senior population and their family members.


Westview created the unique Senior Home Purchase Program (“SHPP”) to solve this problem.

SHPP eliminates the time and stress associated with the traditional sales process while also offering a certain, relationship-based alternative to an anonymous and unreliable flipper. We purchase the home in ‘as-is’ condition and close escrow in 30 days or less from our initial meeting.

Seniors who have lived in their home for many years find our program especially attractive.

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Mizner Townhome Apartments

Multi-family   ·   Escondido, CA

Investment Premise:

  • Inattentive ownership and management
  • Vacancy rates significantly above market
  • Substantial renovation and deferred maintenance needs
  • Market demand for improved rental units
  • Opportunity to shift water and sewer costs from owner to tenant

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Article Redevelopment Project Under Way in Escondido

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3769 32nd St

Multi-family   ·   San Diego, CA

Investment Premise:

  • Minimal to no rent increases through 13 years of ownership
  • Strong rental market with substantial, long-term growth indicators

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238-246 E 15th Avenue

Multi-family   ·   Escondido, CA

Property Details & Investment Objective:

Westview acquired a 5-unit apartment complex in Escondido in January 2010, a period of time following the recent recession (2009-2010) when apartment prices in San Diego bottomed out. In order to meet Fannie Mae’s minimum lending limits, Westview combined the 5-unit complex with the adjacent singly family home they previously acquired and created Westview 15th Avenue to hold ownership of these two assets. Westview will continually monitor their unique exit scenarios, resulting from controlling two adjacent lots in a favorable zoning district. In the short-term, Westview plans to make minor interior and exterior upgrades to secure higher rents and keep vacancies low. Also, Westview will integrate an internal RUBS billing system, which charges the water and sewer costs to the tenants and keeps operating expenses low.

WSDP & WVAF Single-Family Home Funds

Single-Family   ·   San Diego County, CA

Investment Premise:

  • Opportunity to acquire residential property significantly below replacement costs
  • Excessively tightened lending standards and the subsequent limited financing options contributed to the overcorrection in housing values
  • Affordability disparity: homes rented for over 2x the cost of ownership

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Lakeshore Montana

Single-Family   ·   Whitefish, MT

Situated on the serene shoreline of Whitefish Lake, Westview Real Estate developed “Lakeshore Montana”, a project comprised of two luxury single-family vacation homes. Combining local partnerships and experience with high-end customers, Westview did extensive analysis to meticulously design these waterfront homes and created a unique environment for families to enjoy for years to come. Whitefish is a classic western town that is evolving into a four-season resort destination and Westview is excited to be an integral part of this growing community.

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Casey’s Bar & Casino

Bar & Casino   ·   Whitefish, MT

Property Details & Investment Objective:

In the summer of 2010, Westview sought out to acquire the historic Casey’s Bar & Casino, an old railroad worker saloon, originally built in 1903. Westview intended to capitalize on the existing loyal customer following while integrating a few subtle upgrades to attract a wider range of clientele. Although the bar and casino operations produced very comfortable cash flows, the opportunity came with greater risks.

During their inspections, Westview confirmed the inherent structural concerns, which was expected of a highly trafficked building of this age. Westview proceeded with their due diligence so they could accurately evaluate the two parts of this transaction which had longer term value. First, Casey’s Bar rested on an ideally located commercial lot in downtown Whitefish, with room to expand vertically. Beyond the opportunity in the land, Westview found significant value in the liquor license, a transferable asset with anemic supply in the state of Montana.

Investment Performance:

As predicted, the location and liquor license proved to be very valuable assets in this transaction. Weeks away from closing (it took over 6 months to close due to liquor license regulations and processes), a new buyer paid Westview a healthy premium above the original purchase price to assume the contract and complete the purchase (in essence, it was a double escrow). The single-story bar has since been torn down and is currently being redeveloped as a four-story bar, casino and dance club.